Understanding Heart Health: A Comprehensive Guide to Natural Remedies

From the click of a mouse to an AI prompt today, human work has been greatly reduced to a desk and a digital screen. The screen may be a computer screen, a mobile screen, or a tablet screen, but increasingly, our work is getting more and more sedentary, and as an indirect impact of this non-active and sedentary lifestyle, we are experiencing increased heart-related problems.

From listening to the breaking news of a young actor passing away while working out in the gym to listening to the sad news of a distant aunt or uncle passing away due to a sudden heart attack, we often hear about deaths and problems arising out of heart health.

Looking at the rapidly changing lifestyle and food habits of today, taking care of our hearts has become more important and necessary than ever. In this blog, Anushveda Wellness will take you through some easy-to-follow natural remedies that will go a long way in helping you take care of your heart. So read this entire blog till the end and do share it with your loved ones.

Let us look at Some Common Heart Diseases

When we talk about heart diseases, the majority of people will be able to point out only one or two diseases at most, and they are heart attack or heart failure. To prevent heart disorders and diseases at Anushveda, we feel understanding different diseases is important. When you understand different cardiovascular diseases, the next question of how to prevent them becomes easier, and it becomes easier to find treatments for them. You may opt for home remedies for heart blockage or choose ayurvedic remedies for a cure. So let us take a look at different heart diseases, their symptoms, and remedies to cure them.

Coronary Artery Disease (CAD)

It is the most common type of heart disease caused by the narrowing of a blood-supplying artery or a blockage in the artery.

Heart Failure

When the heart fails to pump blood into the body, it is called heart failure.


When your heart records an irregular heartbeat, either too slow or too fast, it is arrhythmia disease.

Aortic Aneurysm

It is a rare condition where the walls of the aorta are obstructed by the development of a bulge that may lead to dissection or rupture in the aortic region.

Congenital Heart Disease

This is more than a disease; this is a birth defect. When the heart or the arteries surrounding the heart do not completely and correctly develop before birth, this defect is found among patients.

Valvular Heart Disease

This is caused when the valves of the heart do not function as they should.


When inflammation develops in the heart muscle, Myocarditis is caused.


Pericarditis is a condition where inflammation is caused around the sac that surrounds the heart.

Common Symptoms of Heart Diseases

Once we know the common type of heart disease, knowing its symptoms is essential too. When you feel minor symptoms, you may opt for natural ayurvedic remedies, buy ayurvedic medicine for your heart, or take other preventive measures to improve your heart health. Below are the common symptoms that may indicate a problem or disorder with the heart. If you experience any of the below symptoms recurrently, it is advised to seek the guidance of a professionally trained practitioner.

Irregular heartbeat,
Uncomfortable feeling,
Heart failure,
Feet swelling,
Shortness of breath,
Abdomen pain,
Ankle and leg swelling,
Pain in veins of the neck,
Heart Attack,
Extreme discomfort around the chest,
Upper back and neck pain,
Nauseous or vomiting,
Excessive diarrhea,

How to Prevent Heart Diseases?

We all know prevention is better than cure, and even though our lifestyle is increasingly becoming sedentary, we can adopt various measures that can help us become healthy and prevent heart disease at all stages of life. There are various ways to prevent heart disease. Let us look at common and easy-to-follow remedies that will help us prevent them.

Lead an Active Lifestyle

Even though our jobs may require us to sit in front of a desk and use our brains to write a program, draft an investment strategy, or analyze the data in front of us. However, we can prioritize our health and go for a fifteen-minute daily walk or join a gym and work out daily. Maybe sprinting is not possible, but walking can certainly be done. Maybe you are a working woman and have no time for physical activity. Then, maybe with your child, you can dance in front of a TV for ten to fifteen minutes. Such small steps, when actively and consciously taken, will go a long way in helping you prevent heart disease.

Consume a Healthy Diet

Most of the ayurvedic remedies for heart disease recommend that your diet be fixed if you want to lead a healthier and more fulfilling life. A healthy diet does not mean subtracting everything you love, like rice, bread, or fried foods; rather, it means that you eat a balanced diet that is a combination of all of these. Rather than eating samosas and sandwiches every day for a snack, you may try having roasted Chana, idli, poha, or fruits as a snack daily and reserve samosas and sandwiches for once every fifteen days.

Take Herbal Supplements

Another natural remedy that you can undertake is consuming natural supplements. Natural juices like amla juice, and aloe vera juice work wonders when you consume them along with ayurvedic supplements like Shimbhala Heart Caps and Shimbhala Herbal Extracts from Anushveda Wellness.

Consumption of Anushveda Wellness’s Shimbhala heart extract is one of the safest and easiest herbal remedies for coronary heart disease prevention. The majority of heart disorders can be prevented by adopting the above-described measures; however, a few heart diseases that are caused at birth, like congenital heart diseases, may require surgery as the only remedy. Still, you can improve the condition and ease the suffering with the consumption of Shimbhala Heart Caps and Shimbhala Herbal Extracts from Anushveda Wellness.

Concluding Lines

The increasingly sedentary lifestyle combined with poor diet habits has made it necessary that we focus on maintaining our heart health and try to prevent rather than cure. For the prevention of heart diseases, we can try natural remedies like consuming natural ayurvedic medicines, staying physically active, and eating a balanced diet regularly.

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