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If we analyse the health situation in India, the main cause of disease is:

In such a situation dangerous health issues have multiplied both in urban and rural India. The main such diseases, increasing amongst all age groups are:

Ayurvedic Remedies for Heart and Kidney Health

Anushveda Wellness - Ayurvedic Medicines for Heart & Kidney Diseases and General Wellness

Since India is a land blessed with age old scienceof Ayurveda, which offers holistic treatment and attacks the root cause or the trigger point of the disease, we at Anushveda Wellnessare constantly striving to choose the best combinations of extracts and herbs to offer effective ayurvedic solutions, which act both as preventive and curative medicines. We offer wholesome or all in one medicines which affect all trigger points or causes also, such as :

We offer ways to prevent heart disease such as a combination of herbs which act as the perfect ayurvedic treatment for high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Our flagship products include Shimbhala Herbal Extracts, Shimbhala Heart Caps, Shimbhala Curcumin, Cordygano, and Ayurvedic medicine for creatinine, kidney disease, uric acid, gout, and joint pains. Each product is formulated using potent Ayurvedic ingredients to deliver effective results and improve overall health.
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Health is Wealth

At Anushveda Wellness, we aim to spread Wellness and improve living conditions through providing authentic cures and preventive measures in the field of alternative medicine. We offer hazard-free formulations made out of natural and pure extracts and herbs to fight adverse health conditions. Instead of offering symptomatic treatment, we target host-mediated protocol for all critical and chronic ailments. Such health conditions otherwise cannot be treated without surgical intervention or drugs which have side effects.

Why Anushveda Wellness

The strength and effectivity of Ayurvedic medicines depends upon,

  • Choice of quality herbs. This involves deep sourcing, testing at various points which may involve higher costs.
  • Technologically advanced and precise extraction methods. Unless the extract of a given herb is not well produced, it will not give the desired effect.
  • No compromise on quality and purity. Since the birth of Anushveda Wellness, this has been the one and only guiding principle and vision behind each product.

  • Offering only proven ayurvedic medicines which is supported by huge effectivity studies and data. User reviews and carefully compiled data on the product helps us make the best in class and unique products.

This is since feedback comes from various demographies, all parts of the country and with each user having a unique case history. This enables us to offer optimum quality and attributes in our products.

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Free ayurvedic consultation for heart disease

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Apart from making the products available as home delivery product with end to end replacement or refund guarantee, products are also available through distributors in Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Panchkula, Jalandhar & Lucknow.


Narmada Group of Traders
Near Clock Tower,
Ludhiana-141008, Punjab, India


Amar Sales
Shop no 233, Near PNB, Sector 45B,
Chandigarh UT-161047, India


Narmada Sales Corporation
Shop no 1040, Street no 1, Sector 4, Haripur,
Panchkula, Haryana, India


Dhingra Pharmaceutical Agencies
8-A,Dilkusha Market,
Jalandhar City-144001, Punjab, India


Shailendra Sharma & Sons
448/107 K, Prem Bhawan, Thakurganj,
Lucknow 226003, UP, India

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Customers Reviews on our Ayurvedic Products

Scores of users have benefitted from our products. Some reviews we were able to obtain through texts, phone and videos. Here is a glimpse on how they felt.
Shimbhala Herbal Extracts: The angiography I was advised ten years back and then again in 2015 but I was avoiding it. Instead, I had started taking Shimbhala but was fearful that there must be some blockages. Ultimately Angio was conducted yesterday and to my surprise, it was all ok except for a very small blockage in the sub artery which will be cleared by medicines alone. With God's grace, no stents or any surgery. Surely Shimbhala which I am using for the last 2-3 years with breaks has won. It is very satisfying to have such results at the 67th year of age. My Regards to Atul ji and all others
S S Bola
Cordy-Gano: I came to know about the product through one of my colleagues. Immediately I ordered through Anushveda and started consuming twice daily and observed miraculous and holistic changes within 2 weeks of my intake thereby I advised my total family members to take it daily without fail. My father is a Parkinson's patient for the last 15 years and is almost bedridden and on a lot of Allopathic medicines. After taking Cordy-Gano for 10 days continuously...the first important change I noted was he was received from his long-time constipation problem as parkinsonism is a degenerative disease that usually affects the bowel my father is completely out of his one long time problem of severe constipation and gives me a confidence that he will be able to walk by himself within one year if he regularly consumes Cordy-Gano.
Niaz Ahamed
My knee pain is minimal while getting up from Chair. XRay is showing early Osteoarthritis. I can walk better now though stair climbing is not tried yet. I live on the 2nd floor without a lift. Should I taper down the Curcumin to 1 tab per day? I am taking Shimbhala twice a day too
Madhu Nair
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Buy our products online. If you are satisfied tell others if not tell us. We will initiate refunds and returns without any delay or questions. This is the Anushveda Wellness guarantee valid on all our products.

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