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Anushveda Wellness offers high quality, hi tech ayurvedic formulations, providing authentic alternate medicine

Anushveda Wellness offers products, which pin pointedly target at attaining the pink of health (a state of wellness) and make the body capable to eradicate and fight / prevent deadly diseases and auto immune disorders. Products offerings are under the registered brand name Shimbhala.

Anushveda Wellness brings back the magic of pure herbs

Anushveda Wellness was born in 2013. It is a venture by highly skilled and educated professionals from the field of science and alternate therapy . Anushveda Wellness embodies a profound vision of bringing the magic of pure herbs into our lives. With a precise product portfolio, Anushveda offers purity in its formulations with the sole objective of offering high quality to its end users. This is made possible from self owned farms promoting organic and non toxic herb growth to smooth product delivery.

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