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Shimbhala Curcumin- Ayurvedic medicine for Diabetes, Cancer prevention and management and immunity booster. (60 Capsules Pack)


Shimbhala Curcumin is a 500 mg capsule compared to most others which are 250 mg. Cash on delivery


About Curcumin – It consists of 95 % curcuminoids . Depending on its origin and the soil conditions where it is grown, turmeric contains 2%–9% curcuminoids. The word “curcuminoid” indicates a group of compounds such as curcumin.

Shimbhala curcumin capsules combines curcumin with piperine or black pepper to improve it’s absorption in the body for maximum effect. What separates Shimbhala curcumin from other such products in the market is the quality of the extract, high end process used for extraction and correctness of quantity per capsule which determines effectivity of product. Shimbhala Curcumin is a 500 mg capsule compared to most others which are 250 mg.

Shimbhala Curcumi ayurvedic medicine is useful for

  • All inflammatory disorders
  • Cancer Prevention
  • Immunity Booster
  • Gastrointestinal disorders. The most interesting feature of curcumin is lack of gastrointestinal side effects despite being an anti-inflammatory agent.
  • Acute pancreatitis, varicose veins, chronic anterior uveitis, conditions of edema, skin allergies and skin or epidermal disorders, allergic encephalomyelitis, Skin regeneration and Wound healing.
  • Anorexia Nervosa, chronic cough, sinusitis and sciatica.
  • Ocular or eye related diseases, such as chronic anterior uveitis, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, and dry eye syndrome.

Curcumin is a specially gifted molecule provided by Mother-Nature to protect humans from chronic health problems. As a strong antioxidant Curcumin strengthens the immune system and facilitates the human body to resist disease and infections. It provides hepatoprotection and neuroprotection curcumin has wide therapeutic actions such as an anti inflammatory. Inflammation is a normal protective response to tissue injury that is caused by physical trauma, noxious chemicals or microbiological agents. Inflammation signals the start of debilitating diseases.


Product Details

Product pack size – One bottle containing 60 veg capsules of 500 mg each with moisture absorbent bag wrapped in printed outer carton.
Price per unit – MRP – INR 1525
Dosage – One capsule twice daily morning and evening immediately after meals.

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Side Effects

Shimbhala Curcumin is not known to be toxic or have any visible or notable side effects at the quantities or doses recommended for administration on product. Should however be used under medical consultation.

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