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Ayurvedic Medicine for Heart Diseases - Shimbhala Heart Capsules

Shimbhala Heart Caps - Ayurvedic Medicine for High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Irregular Heartbeat, Weak Heart, and Anxiety

Product Pack size – One bottle containing 60 veg capsules of 500 mg each

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What are the major reasons of Heart Disease?

We know that Heart disease is caused by the addition of fatty deposits and other substances in the arteries, leading to blockages, narrowing and hardening of arteries, heart attacks or strokes. It affects millions of people everywhere on earth. Since it is a debilitating disease, it needs to be tackled with effective remedies and medicine for heart attack prevention, which are available for effective treatment and management of heart disease. The most common type of heart disease is Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) in which the narrowing or blockage of the arteries supplying blood to the heart happens.

We need to know the main reasons or those health conditions which cause heart disease, These are health complications which can start heart disease and can be called the

Free ayurvedic consultation for heart disease

Trigger Points for heart disease:-

  • High Blood Pressure is one of the most common and main reasons of heart disease. It acts as the trigger point which starts a chain reaction like process. For example high blood pressure will promote blockage formation in the arteries. As the blood travels through the arteries with more pressure and force, it tends to leave plaque on the walls leading to clot formation and damage to artery walls, making them hard. Blood pressure also puts extra load on the heart and can also cause brain stroke.
  • High Cholesterol is another major reason of heart disease. The blockage in the artery is made of cholesterol which travels through the blood using free radicals and sticks to the walls.
  • Fatty Liver is another trigger point for the onset of heart disease. A fatty liver does not perform it’s function properly and leaves excess cholesterol in the blood stream instead of synthesising it.
  • Smoking and poor diet contribute in creating favourable circumstances for heart disease to occur. Smoking raises blood pressure, hardens artery walls and weakens lung function , thereby negatively affecting oxygen intake in the blood for the heart and other organs. Poor diet rich in fats increases cholesterol levels in the body.
  • Lack of Physical exercise is also responsible for increasing chances of heart disease.
  • Diabetes causes damage to organs and blood vessels and acts as a trigger. It increases the chances of heart disease by a great margin.
  • Genetic reasons which run through the family. increases heart disease risk.
  • Obesity or being over weight is closely related to heart disease. Heart has to work more , often under conditions of high blood pressure.
  • Anxiety and lack of sleep are also contributors to heart disease.
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Types of Heart Diseases

Coronary Artery Disease, Angina, Cardiomyopathy, Atherosclerosis, Arrhythmia, Heart valve disease, Pericarditis, Aortic disease, Heart failure and Heart Attack are some common heart ailments.

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What are the symptoms of Heart Disease?

The symptoms may be silent and not appear until heart failure or heart attack happens, The significant signs of heart disease include the following:

  • Chest pain which sometimes may be accompanied with sweating
  • Pain in left arm or elbow area
  • Giddiness, tightening in the chest, not feeling comfortable.
  • Heart failure,
  • Feet swelling,
  • Fatigue,
  • Shortness of breath,
  • Irregular heartbeat,
  • Ankle and leg swelling,
  • Pain in veins of the neck,
  • Heart Attack,
  • Upper back and neck pain,
  • Heartburn,
  • Nauseous or Vomiting,
  • Excessive diarrhoea,
  • Dizziness,
Free ayurvedic consultation for heart disease

General Tips for preventing Heart Disease?

  • Walking, yoga, exercise, deep breathing exercises, ideally 10,000 steps a day are recommended to prevent heart disease.
  • Weight management.
  • Smoking, alcohol or any other such substances should be avoided as they are directly strong triggers for heart and lung diseases including cancer.
  • Stress management.
  • Testing of the body vitals is essential including lipid profile, BP, ECG from time to time for keeping an eye for any symptom developing for heart disease.
  • Do not worry or over exert unnecessarily. It can cause pressure on the heart.
  • Be heart alert in case of family history of heart disease or any othe related issue.
  • Do not ignore any symptom or delay medical advise or try Home Remedies For Heart disease without an expert opinion.
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Free ayurvedic consultation for heart disease

Heart Disease Care: Ayurvedic Medicine & Treatment

  • As we can see all reasons are linked with each other and occupy certain positions in the chain of events leading upto heart disease.

    Other options are Conventional Medications which more or less maintain or control the blood pressure or cholesterol but fail to go into the root causes. Surgical intervention such as angioplasty, by pass surgery, valve repair or replacement etc. are also very important methods and sometimes the only way forward in cases where heart disease has already progressed to an advanced stage.

    We can tackle these reasons through ayurvedic treatment for blood pressure, or cholesterol or for fatty liver. Many herbs such as Mukta or Moti Pishti, Sarp Gandha or Rauwolfia serpentina), Terminalia arjuna, Blasmodendron Mukul and Jahar Mohra Pishti and Nigella Sativum (black seed) , Ashwagandha, Guggulu, or curcumin can be used effectively to treat heart disease or prevent it  as some of these herbs not only provide strength to the heart but also treat blood pressure, high cholesterol , fatty liver and heart disease itself.

     NOTE – Ayurvedic treatments for heart disease should always be done under the guidance and supervision of a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner. They should not be used as a replacement for conventional medical treatment.

We offer 100% ayurvedic medicine for heart disease an all in one Shimbhala Heart Capsules.

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Shimbhala Ayurvedic Heart Capsules

Shimbhala heart capsules offer root cause treatment and assist in the prevention of heart disease and many other body functions. It is useful in treating the various root causes of heart disease, blood pressure, anxiety, weak heart function (EF), and irregular and weak heart beat.

Shimbhala heart caps consist of extracts of proven ayurvedic herbs such as Mukta or Moti Pishti, SarpGandha or (Rauwolfia serpentina), Terminalia arjuna, Blasmodendron Mukul, Jahar MohraPishti and Nigella Sativum (black seed). All these herbs together support good heart function and  they work towards a healthier heart .

Free ayurvedic consultation for heart disease

Why is Shimbhala Heart Capsules a good Ayurvedic medicine for Coronary Heart Disease ?

This is a rare combination of six ayurvedic herb extracts which not only provide strength to the heart muscle but also reduce two main trigger points of heart disease, which is high cholesterol and blood pressure.

The dual function medicine acts on all aspects of heart health ranging from sleeplessness to anxiety and provides good heart support. It qualifies as an all in one heart medication. This broad function application is a rarity in ayurvedic treatment for heart disease.

Large capsule size of 500 mg ensures adequate dosage delivery for best results.

The formulation is made of extracts of own grown herbs and ensures quality and consistency.

The high quality is maintained through tests at all different stages of production and most of all by growing high quality herbs in both simulated and natural habitat. Only best quality  herbs are grown in self owned farms organically, without the use of any chemicals.

By adopting a data based approach in the manufacturing process , the desired concentration of the extract is achieved so that it delivers maximum benefit to the user.

Methodology of Action : Key functions

Ayurvedic medicine for heart (low heart ejection fraction or weak heart) Shimbhala heart capsules are useful in the management and control of heart disease and hypertension, anxiety, chronic fatigue, sleeplessness and many other disorders. One of its ingredients ( MotiPishti) is known to provide strength to the heart muscles. It improves heart muscle strength which results in improved EF (ejection fraction of the heart or capability to pump blood to all the body).

Ayurvedic Medicine for high blood pressure.

Ayurveda and blood pressure go a long way back in history. Herbs offer a wide range to choose from for BP treatment without any known side effects which conventional treatment does not. ThereforeShimbhala Heart Capsules act as good alternate therapy or primary medicine for high blood pressure.SarpGandha or Rauwolfia serpentina), Terminalia arjuna, and Blasmodendron Mukul in it help reduce high blood pressure.

Ayurvedic Medicine for high cholesterol. Shimbhala heart capsules reduce high cholesterol in the blood. It contains herbs such as Arjuna andNigella Sativum which lower cholesterol. It is an effective and side effect free ayurvedic medicine to reduce cholesterolin comparison to conventional statin drugs which may cause other complications on sustained use such as muscle weakness and shaking hands.

Ayurvedic medicine for Anxiety and sleep disorders.

 Shimbhala heart capsules has herbs such as Sarpgandha or Rauwolfia serpentina, MohraPishti andArjuna which are known to control anxiety, sleep disorders, digestive disorders, and inflammation (the root cause or initial marker of all diseases) and promote overall body health. These herbs have come to be known as wonder herbs in ayurvedic treatment of heart disease, blood pressure,cholesterol and a host of other types of heart disease. It destroys harmful free radicals or carriers of harmful cholesterol in the blood stream and prevents clots and artery damage.

Delivering multiple beneficial effects on the cardiac system, Shimbhala Heart Capsules work as an anti-ischemic agent, a potent antioxidant, and an anti-atherogenic agent.

Ayurvedic Medicine for Arrythemia or irregular or weak heart beat.

Shimbhala heart capsules contain extracts of known and proven ayurvedic herbs such as Rauwolfia serpentina and Sarpgandha which regulate heart beat.

The root cause treatment offered by Shimbhala heart capsules tends to decrease the initial heart disease markers and helps maintain good heart health. It can be used safely as it is not known for any side effects.

Free ayurvedic consultation for heart disease

FAQ - Shimbhala Heart Capsules

  • 1. What are Shimbhala heart capsules useful for? Shimbhala heart capsules are overall useful for heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, irregular and weak heart beat, anxiety, and insomnia or sleeplessness. Shimbhala heart capsules provide strength to the heart muscle (Moti Pishti).
  • 2. What are the main USPs (strengths) of Shimbhala heart capsules? Shimbhala heart capsules is a one-of-its-kind blend of six chosen herbs and minerals which manage heart disease, BP, cholesterol, and heart weakness very well. Multiple users have testified Shimbhala heart capsules for high efficacy. Product reviews can be read on testimonials given by our customers.
  • 3. Who should use Shimbhala heart capsules? Those who have heart disease or high cholesterol or high blood pressure or have breathing problems (breathlessness) or family history of heart disease or lead stressful and sedentary lifestyle should use Shimbhala heart capsules.
  • 4. How will Shimbhala heart capsules impact those taking Allopathic drugs for heart? Shimbhala heart capsules can be taken alongside Allopathic medicines. These provide root cause treatment unlike the others which are symptomatic treatment. It has not been found to have any interaction with other drugs. As Shimbhala heart capsules, regular blood thinners, statins for cholesterol and blood pressure which have a lot of side effects, can be tapered down or stopped completely under medical supervision. Shimbhala provides a side effect-free, low-cost pure herbs option.
  • 5. What is the dosage for Shimbhala heart capsules? Shimbhala heart capsules should be taken two capsules daily, one in the morning after breakfast and one in the evening after dinner.
  • 6. Why should Shimbhala heart capsules be used over other similar or cheaper formulations available in the market? Shimbhala heart capsules are prepared using tested raw materials and sophisticated processes since the entire efficacy of the product depends on how it is manufactured. Six herbs and minerals such as Moti Pishti combination is a one-of-its-kind. It is certified and reviewed positively by scores, hundreds of happy users. It guarantees quality and delivers without any compromises.
  • 7. Is Shimbhala heart capsules an ayurvedic formulation? Yes, Shimbhala heart capsules is an ayurvedic, natural formulation.
  • 8. What is the cost of one unit of Shimbhala heart capsules? One unit of Shimbhala heart capsules is for Rs. 525 all inclusive with a pack size of 60 capsules. If purchased cash on delivery then Rs 45 are charged additional making it total Rs 570.
  • 9. How and where do I purchase Shimbhala heart capsules? Shimbhala heart capsules can be purchased online on or ordered through WhatsApp or call or SMS on 9310802618 or 9988848343. It is home delivered.
  • 10. Is the product supported with expert professional advice and guidance? Yes. We have a panel of doctors who give free medical guidance and suggestions on diagnosis, treatment, and management and prevention of heart disease.
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