Ayurvedic medicine for creatinine, kidney disease, uric acid, gout and joint pains.(60 Capsules Pack)

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UricMed is a blend of proven and unique herbs for the treatment, prevention and management of kidney disease. Kidneys are the powerhouses of our body and are responsible for flushing out waste material. If we do not take care of our kidneys, it could
result in kidney damage which causes reduction of kidney function which further aggravates many other issues in the body.

The herbal combination in UricMed consists of Pashanbhed, Gilroy, Punernava, Gokhshru, Varuna, Dhania, Kutki Sudh Fatkri, Jawakhar and Vasaka which helps in treating every critical aspect of kidney malfunction such as high levels of uric acid, kidney stone, joint pains, gout, high buildup of toxins in the body due to weak kidney function, inflammation in the body, high BP due to saline and uric build up.

Product pack size – Bottle containing 60 veg capsules of 500 mg each. Wrapping with printed carton.
Price per unit – MRP – INR 960 Discount of 30% only on You save Rs. 290

Dosage – One capsule twice daily morning and evening or as advised by physician.

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