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Ayurvedic Tips for Diabetics: Simple Changes for Better Health

Ayurvedic Tips for Diabetics: Simple Changes for Better Health Be it diabetes, obesity, or hypertension, when you adapt changes in your daily routine that are simple as well as sustainable, you get long-term results. Ayurveda is this secret that shows you the path to simple yet sustainable changes and helps you achieve better health. Diabetes Ayurvedic remedy involves changing your lifestyle slowly and steadily. Some of the Ayurvedic changes may involve the consumption of beneficial Ayurvedic supplements and doing light forms of exercise like a morning walk, or “Surya Namaskar”. Other remedies may involve eating an early dinner and consuming more water and leafy vegetables. In this blog post, Anushveda Wellness will take you through some simple tips that will help you take care of your diabetes and keep it under control.

Limit Consumption of Deep Fried Foods helps in managing Blood Sugar Level

If you search for good ayurvedic medicine for diabetes, then prevention is better than cure will be the first thing you will get to read. Who doesn’t love fat-rich food? Deep-fried pakodas, fries, and tasty snacks are all of our favorites. Be it a birthday party celebration or a relaxing weekend, the celebration often involves one of the most commonly available snack options, which is usually fried. Contrary to popular belief, in conditions like diabetes and insulin resistance, consuming fat-rich foods that are ultra-refined and highly processed can cause more damage than the consumption of sugar and sweets. However, this doesn’t mean that one loses control and starts consuming sugar. What we aim to suggest is to limit the consumption of both deep-fried foods as well as sugary treats. Once in a while, at an interval of 30-45 days, it is good to have deep-fried food or a sugary treat. Results show that limiting these indulgent foods has benefited many people in managing their blood sugar levels and controlling their diabetes.

Sit in Vajrasana for Controlling Diabetes

Vajrasana is one of those yoga asanas that can be performed by almost anyone. Sitting in Vajrasana has been shown to be very beneficial. After a heavy meal, such as lunch or dinner, it is advised that you engage yourself in Vajrasana and carry on with your daily activities. This is the only asana that can be performed immediately after a meal.

Include Mushrooms in the Diet helps in Digestion of Sugar and Glucose

Mushrooms are a powerhouse, and some of the variants of mushrooms can be called superfoods. Some of the best ayurvedic medicines for diabetics available with Anushveda Wellness’ include rare species of Himalayan mushrooms as its core component. CordyGano Syrup from Anushveda Wellness includes medicinal mushrooms that help lower the glycemic index of food. Thus, helping with the digestion of sugar and glucose effectively. It has been seen that mushrooms in CordyGano Syrup could assist in increasing plasma insulin, decreasing hepatic glycogen content, and modulating the activity of glucose-metabolizing enzymes in the liver. All of which significantly help in reducing sugar levels and managing diabetes in a better way. An additional advantage of CordyGano is that it helps reduce chronic fatigue and also boosts immunity while having anti-aging properties.

Eating Dinner Early helps in Managing Diabetes

Human bodies are ruled by a circadian rhythm. In simple terms, as the sun rises and sets, our body is programmed to follow the routine. So waking up early and exposed to the early morning light sun rays and having an early breakfast, lunch by mid-day around 2 p.m., and dinner by 6 p.m. is the ideal way to have a daily routine. But contrary to nature, most of us stay awake until late in the night and have dinner by 9–10 p.m. Insulin levels are least active at such late periods, and thus late dinner equals bad regulation of blood sugar levels. A simple ayurvedic treatment for diabetes includes having dinner by 6 to 7 p.m. and then going for a light stroll after an hour of meals. This helps wonderfully in managing diabetes and helps with better overall health.

Walking After a Meal helps in Producing Insulin

Not only have the majority of modern-day humans been confined to a screen and a desk, but they are even forced to resume work right after a meal. Most of us have to travel to the workplace right after breakfast by car, bike, or public transport. The majority of the time is spent sitting or standing in one place. Post-lunch, most of us are forced to resume work immediately, sitting on our desks. By the time it’s dinner time, we are fatigued and eat dinner while watching TV and sleeping. Being inactive post-meal is one of the worst things to do. It is recommended that you go for a light stroll after any meal. This helps in producing insulin in the body and thus helps with the digestion of sugar and glucose in the body.

Consumption of Ayurvedic Drugs for Diabetes

Anushveda has several ayurvedic drugs for diabetes that help in managing sugar levels naturally without causing any side effects. Shimbhala Herbal Extracts is an ayurvedic drug from Anushveda Wellness that contains natural ingredients like apple cider vinegar, honey, lemon, ginger, and garlic. All of these ingredients are natural, and when the recommended doses are consumed, they help with blood sugar regulation. Shimbhala Herbal Extract also helps in the reduction of cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Thus, the consumption of Shimbhala Herbal Extract is extremely beneficial if you suffer from heart ailment along with diabetes.

Taking Ayurvedic Therapies and Treatment for reducing glucose levels

Ayurvedic treatments like panchakarma have proven to be quite effective in reducing glucose levels. Therapies include the consumption of ayurvedic medications for diabetes like Shimbhala Herbal Extract and CordyGano from Anushveda Wellness. These two drugs work wonderfully in managing blood sugar levels. A combination of Panchkarama and herbal supplements has helped many individuals lead normal lives despite having diabetes.

Consumption of Herbs like Amla & Jamun helps in treating diabetes

Both Amla and Jamun are known to be immensely helpful in treating diabetes. The presence of chromium in amla helps with insulin sensitivity. You can eat it raw or mix it with bitter gourd and gooseberry to reduce sugar levels and stimulate pancreatic cells. Jamun: Consumption of Jamun is highly recommended for diabetics due to its benefits in regulating insulin and increasing insulin production.
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