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Heart Health Tips for Different Age Groups: From Youth to Seniors

Most of us assume that concern for heart disease begins at the ripe age of 50. However, this can be further from the truth. If, from an early age, we manage to take preventive measures and take good care of our hearts, then we can lead a longer and more peaceful life free of diseases or ailments.

At Anushveda Wellness, we recommend that every age group, right from infancy to older age, take care of their hearts and lead a healthy lifestyle. Thus, in this blog, we are sharing heart health tips for different age groups, from youngsters to seniors. Do read this blog till the end and share it with your loved ones.

Heart Health Tips for Youngsters

1. Quit Smoking

The American Heart Association reports that smoking and secondhand smoke are to blame for about one-third of deaths from coronary heart disease. Not only can cigarettes pose a risk to your heart, but vaping and marijuana can also have negative effects. Everything you smoke, be it tobacco smoke from e-cigarettes or marijuana smoke, will negatively impact your heart and lungs.

If you don’t smoke, then don’t start under peer pressure. Smoking is one of the biggest causes of chronic diseases like heart attacks and cancer. Young age, between 18 and 45, is when the body is in its prime. If you invest time in bad habits rather than good ones, then in older age you will have to repay it the hard way. Experts at Anushveda Wellness suggest that if you have started smoking, consult a doctor and quit it as soon as possible. During your de-addiction phase, you may take herbal supplements like Shimbhala Extract that will aid your heart function.

2. Consume a Healthy Diet and Regular Exercise

If you don’t pay attention to your diet and lead a healthy lifestyle, then, over time, problems with your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, and a sedentary lifestyle can worsen. We say that it’s never too early to start taking care of your health and making positive lifestyle changes. Our experts suggest that people with desk jobs should try to get at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity (such as dancing, brisk walking, or gardening) every week or strenuous physical activity (such as swimming, cycling, or running) for 75 minutes a week. You can even consider a combination of the two as well. Distributing your physical activity throughout the week is ideal for beginners.

Consuming a diet rich in fiber, vitamins, and nutrients is one of the simplest ways to prevent heart disease at any stage in life. Include a lot of fruits, green leafy vegetables, and whole grains in your diet for better overall health.

3. Have a Healthy Sleep Routine

Every human, whether younger or older, needs to sleep at least 7-8 hours each day. Lack of sleep has been associated with many chronic neurological diseases, like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Lack of sleep also negatively affects heart health in the long run. At Anushveda Wellness, our most suggested preventive home remedy for heart blockage is to get enough sleep each day. Of course, you can enjoy your parties and late-night movie marathons, but it is better to limit these to a select few occasions and not make a routine out of them.

Heart Health Tips for Seniors and Elderly

1. Minimize Stress Levels

In addition to a poor and sedentary lifestyle, higher levels of stress are one of the major causes of heart attacks among older people as well as younger people. Chronic stress can affect memory, increase blood pressure, learning ability, anxiety, the immune system, and depression. The risk factor is increased, especially in older people. Anushveda Wellness’s Ayurvedic secret to a happy and healthy heart is to manage stress effectively by taking various measures like breathing exercises, meditation, and yoga. You can consume Shimbhala Heart Capsules if you are already on allopathic treatment for hypertension or heart disease to support your heart health, and Shimbhala Heart Extract if you haven’t started any allopathic treatment yet.

2. Reduce alcohol Consumption

Generally, as people age, they assume it is now time to relax. People often associate relaxation with alcohol consumption. Chilling by the poolside with a bottle of beer, enjoying lavish dinners accompanied by wine, and quite often hosting parties where alcohol is served free-flowing are common scenes with people who are over 40. Alcohol is always accompanied by sugary treats or fried foods high in calories. With alcohol consumption, people do double the damage; on one side, alcohol causes its side effects, whereas rich and heavy food leads to weight gain and hypertension, increasing the co-morbidity risk of heart diseases.

That is why at Anushveda Wellness, we suggest that one of the easiest natural remedies for heart blockage is to stay away from all types of alcohol consumption. If you occasionally drink, we advise that you stop completely, and if you drink regularly, we advise that you slowly reduce your consumption, gradually quitting it completely. However, if you consume Shimbhala Heart Extract during your alcohol-quitting journey, it will support your heart health in a much better way.

3. For better Heart Health Never Ignore Heart Disease Symptoms

Our body is always telling us when something is not right. Especially after the age of 40, rather than waiting for severe symptoms, we should be mindful of the little signs our body shows us. A heart disease sign can be as subtle as getting breathless or having minor chest pain that may indicate a forthcoming serious heart disease. Rather than get startled by it, we can look for ayurvedic treatment for heart blockage without surgery. When we start early, we can prevent our condition from getting worse over time. As soon as you experience a minor sign, it is best to consult with a certified medical practitioner and get a detailed diagnosis done. Meanwhile, you may start with the intake of ayurvedic and herbal supplements like Shimbhala Heart Extract and Shimbhala Heart Capsules to have better heart health.

Above, we studied heart health tips for different age groups, from youth to seniors. To have a healthy heart at all ages, it is essential to have adequate sleep, avoid the consumption of alcohol and rich fatty foods, avoid smoking, and lead an active lifestyle while consuming a balanced diet rich in lean proteins,healthy fats, and fibrous foods. You can also start with various herbal supplements and ayurvedic treatments to control heart blockage at a younger age.

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