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Ayurveda for preventing Coronary Heart Disease

A healthy heart is the key to a longer and more fulfilling life. But how do we take care of our hearts in the best way? In the previous blog published by us, we have seen heart health tips for various age groups. We studied tips for young kids as well as elderly people. However, in addition to our previous blogs, to maintain heart health, there are various measures prescribed by Ayurveda that we can adapt to our daily routine to improve the quality of our lives.

Today, more than ever, Indian youth need to focus on improving their heart health, as statistics show that India is home to 30 million heart patients and has the most heart failure deaths in the world. Moreover, alarmingly, there is a sharp increase in heart disease prevalence among youngsters.

Remedies like Ayurveda work wonders at reducing the risks of serious heart conditions like coronary heart disease. So let us dive into the world of health and wellness and learn about physical lifestyle changes, Ayurvedic medicines for heart disease, and how adapting to an active lifestyle can bring forth a healthier version of you and help you stay away from coronary heart diseases.

How to prevent heart diseases by natural ways?

1. Stay Hydrated to Keep Your Heart Health in Good Condition
One of the simplest home remedies for heart blockage is staying hydrated. When the human body isn’t well hydrated for an extended period, it tends to malfunction in multiple ways, and coronary heart disease is one of them. However, hydration doesn’t mean the consumption of sugary drinks. Hydration should be achieved through the consumption of healthy fluids like water, fresh fruit juices with low sugar quantities, and watery fruits. Intake of caffeinated and similar drinks should be limited to one or two servings a day at most.

2. Follow Ayurvedic Routines (Dinacharya and Ritucharya) to Prevent Heart Blockages
Ayurveda is an ancient Indian wellness tradition that contributes to the overall well-being of humans. At Anushveda Wellness, we will share an Ayurvedic secret to a happy and healthy heart: maintaining a routine as prescribed in Ayurveda. Ayurveda emphasizes following a specific routine according to the season, which is also known as dincharya, meaning daily routine. Waking up early, staying active, eating healthy, balanced meals, having an early dinner, and going to bed early all help with heart disease prevention. Similarly, according to Ayurveda, the best Ayurvedic treatment for heart blockage and coronary heart disease is following Ritucharya, meaning following seasonal changes and adapting your lifestyle accordingly.

3. Sleep Well to Maintain Your Heart Health
Many heart diseases are associated with insomnia and a lack of sleep. Numerous research studies have suggested that adults need a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep each night. The sleep should be uninterrupted, and individuals must feel refreshed upon waking up.
Sadly, an alarmingly high percentage of young and old Indians do not maintain sleep hygiene and are often sleep-deprived. One of the easiest ways to prevent heart disease is to create a sleep schedule and adhere to it. Avoiding screen exposure right before going to bed and immediately after waking up is another practice that helps in achieving better sleep quality. Consumption of herbal supplements like Shimbhala Heart Capsules helps improve sleep quality and serves as an herbal remedy for coronary heart disease.

4. Maintain Healthy Dietary Habits
It is very well said that you are what you eat. If you consume fatty, salty foods that are deep-fried, your body won’t receive the necessary nutrients. Instead, it will only get empty calories, and your body will function at the edge. To thrive and live a healthy life, the human body doesn’t only need calories but also requires nutrition. That is why, according to Ayurveda, a balanced meal in moderate quantity should be consumed.
If you search for “cardiovascular disease prevention” on search engines, you will find emphasis on eating a balanced diet. However, in Ayurveda, a secondary emphasis is given to eating balanced food that can be easily digested. If food is not digested well, the intestines won’t absorb nutrients, rendering the consumed food ineffective. The consumption of Shimbhala curcumin helps in reducing inflammation and also aids in alleviating gastrointestinal disorders, which in turn promotes proper digestion.

5. Stay Active to Prevent Blockages in the Heart
Many ayurvedic treatments for heart blockage can be adopted by patients with heart ailments. However, Ayurvedic principles believe in prevention rather than cure, which is why in Ayurvedic texts, physical activity has always been given significant importance. Ancient Indian sciences like yoga are considered branches of Ayurveda. According to both yoga and Ayurveda, an individual must walk for at least 45–60 minutes each day, in addition to engaging in physically strenuous exercises such as weight training and yoga poses.

6. Consume Herbal Supplements to Keep Heart Healthy
According to Ayurveda, herbal supplements work wonders in keeping the heart healthy. Herbal supplements not only cure symptoms, but when taken before developing heart disease, they help in maintaining a healthier heart. Renowned herbal supplements like Anushveda Wellness’s Shimbhala Herbal Extracts work as excellent Ayurvedic medicine and treatments for heart diseases. It serves as a natural remedy for heart blockage. The natural formula of Shimbhala Herbal Extracts contains edible herbs such as ginger, lemon, and garlic, all of which work wonderfully in preventing heart blockages and coronary heart diseases.

How Does Shimbhala Herbal Extracts Help in the Prevention of Coronary Heart Diseases?

As we have read above, Shimbhala Herbal Extracts contain edible herbs such as ginger, lemon, and garlic, which are proven to be excellent for preventing heart diseases. Shimbhala Herbal Extracts can be consumed by anyone as a supplement who hasn’t been diagnosed with a heart ailment yet, and they are also used in Ayurvedic treatment to control heart blockage.

Shimbhala Heart Extracts Helps in the following ways;

Reduces Inflammation
Many of the allopathic medicines that are given to patients with coronary heart disease are anti-inflammatory. However, chemically derived medicines have significant side effects. Whereas Shimbhala Herbal Extracts work as an excellent ayurvedic medicine for heart blockage by giving similar results minus the side effects.

Improves Blood Circulation
The natural herbs used in Shimbhala Herbal Extracts help improve blood circulation and reduce the risk of heart blockage.

Lowering Cholesterol Levels
The herbs used in Shimbhala Herbal Extracts, such as ginger and lemon, are proven to reduce bad cholesterol levels. Shimbhala effectively destroys or arrests free radicals in the blood, preventing cholesterol from staying in the bloodstream.

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Concluding Lines

Ayurvedic remedies and herbal supplements provide a holistic and effective pathway to a healthy heart, offering proven treatment without side effects. Follow the tips mentioned in the above blog post to ensure you and your loved ones maintain a healthy heart and overall well-being. Don’t forget to explore the benefits of Shimbhala Herbal Extracts!

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