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Immunity Boosting Foods As per Ayurveda

The topic of building immunity has always been a priority for Indian mothers. From giving immunity-boosting ladoos to expecting mothers to giving special concoctions to breastfeeding mothers, both Ayurveda and Indian kitchens have given special importance to improving immunity with food.

Ever since we have crossed the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of keeping immunity boosted has increased by multiple folds, and people in general have started taking the issue more seriously. Having a strong immune system not only increases the chances of fighting disease but indirectly, it may also result in a longer and healthier life span.

How does one boost immunity naturally? Honestly, boosting immunity isn’t rocket science. If one maintains discipline and follows a few Ayurvedic guidelines that Anushveda Wellness is about to share in this blog post, then it will be very easy to boost immunity naturally. As per Ayurveda, there are many foods and supplements that can be easily added to the diet for improved immunity. Each food item that Anushveda Wellness discusses below is loaded with nutrients and elements that immensely benefit humans in multiple ways.

Consume Turmeric for Its Anti-Inflammatory and Immunity Boosting Properties

Turmeric is not new to Indian cuisine. However, as people switch to ready-to-eat packets and Western foods like pizza, pasta, and burgers that are devoid of turmeric, we are removing a very essential and beneficial element from our diet.

Turmeric is light in nature; its consumption helps in clearing Kapha; turmeric promotes healthy Pitta; and it kindles the metabolic fire. If you have had difficulty digesting food, then go ahead and eat Indian sabzi or daal, which is rich in turmeric. Along with this, turmeric has many additional benefits in managing diabetes mellitus and other diseases. All of these properties of turmeric result in immunity-boosting effects.

You can consume turmeric by including it in your food, and for quick results, you can take Ayurvedic supplements. Ayurvedic supplements like Shimbhala curcumin have no side effects and help improve immunity naturally.

Amla Consumption Results in Improved Immunity

When we discuss immunity, we can’t help but think of vitamin C. Amla, also known as Indian Gooseberry, is a powerhouse of vitamin C. Amla has almost 20 times more vitamin C than lemon. When you search for the best Ayurvedic immunity booster, ensure it has amla in it because it is a rich source of vitamin C. Amla contains a lot of other healthy nutrients, such as folate, vitamin A, calcium, copper, and zinc.

For ages, Indian grandmothers and mothers have included amla in various forms in our diets. This is the time we introduce it back into our kitchen and daily lives to keep our immunity boosted and our overall health excellent.

Include Garlic in Your Diet for Better Immunity

From legendary Dal Makhanni to mom’s special Kadhi chawal, Indian food is incomplete without the seasoning of garlic. This wonderful herb has a lot of health benefits for immunity as well as digestion and good skin health. Many Buy Ayurvedic immunity booster medicines have garlic in them because of the excellent properties this herb has. Anushveda Wellness’s Shimbhala Herbal Extract contains garlic because of its garlic properties that help with heart health. Patients who are looking for an Ayurvedic medicine for heart health must consider Shimbhala herbal extract for its dual benefits of immunity boosting and heart benefits.

For maximum benefits from garlic, you can consume it by boiling it with equal portions of milk, water, and a little bit of sugar. Boil, reduce the mixture to half, and consume it first thing in the morning. According to Ayurveda, this mixture is known to help bone health as well.

Mushrooms are a Powerhouse of Immunity

Mushrooms are one of the best Ayurvedic herbs for boosting the immune system. However, not all mushrooms are equally effective for consumption when we consider their effectiveness for immunity and overall well-being. Some mushrooms, such as Ganoderma and Cordyceps sinensis, are extremely beneficial for boosting immunity. In fact, Cordyceps sinensis is so effective that its second name is Sanjeevan Booti, whose literal meaning is nectar. However, these mushrooms are very rare to find and not readily available. The best way to consume these mushrooms is through supplements. Anushveda Wellness’s CordyGano is a rich source of both of these mushrooms. CordyGano is an autoimmune modulator and is effective in conditions like chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and old age disorders such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, and prostrate problems. CordyGano can be treated as a supplement and is not known to be toxic or have any visible or notable side effects at the quantities or doses recommended for administration of the product. Patients who notice such issues may consume 20 drops of CordyGano with 15 ml of water twice a day.

Ginger Consumption Leads to Better Digestion and Improved Immunity

Some of the best immunity booster ayurvedic medicines contain a healthy dosage of ginger in them. According to Ayurveda, ginger is a superfood and an excellent source of elements that are rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Additionally, ginger is also a super-rich source of vitamins A, K, copper, iron, and magnesium, all of which result in improved immunity and better health.

You can consume ginger in the form of juice by mixing it with lemon, some water, and honey. This mix is magic and tastes very good. In addition to improving immunity, this ginger juice also aids in digestion, fights the cold and cough, and prevents colon cancer.

Dates Offer Excellent Immunity Boosting Benefits

Dates are sweet fruits that are rich sources of iron and fiber. Most people aren’t aware of this, but dates are a rich source of vitamin C as well, which is why they work well in improving immunity. According to Ayurveda, when patients are undergoing recovery, they are advised to consume dates as they help in speedy recovery. The vitamin C present in dates helps reduce respiratory problems, while the iron helps strengthen the immune system, leading to better overall health.

Women going through PMS and menopause can consume dates along with reliable ayurvedic immunity boosters online, such as Anushveda Wellness’s CordyGano. This dual supplement and dates, when consumed regularly, will help women with mood swings and abdomen pain that are frequent during these times.


According to Ayurveda, consuming foods rich in iron, fiber, and vitamins A and C is very beneficial to boost immunity and keep oneself healthy. Above, we noted a few foods that can be consumed along with ayurvedic supplements like CordyGano for improved health and better immunity.

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