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Heart Attack-My own story

I shall like to publish my own story through this media starting this post and subsequently in a series of posts with an objective to drive all readers towards self preservation especially heart health, which is the key in our urban lives for longevity, may it be in life or any special en devour. There

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Fat reduction has been a topic of intense discussion from time immemorial. People who are overweight, fat or obese have this overwhelming desire to reduce both in terms of fat and weight. Commercial interests have blossomed with the weight reduction industry screaming with infinite solutions and products. Dieticians have increased role to play in it



THE CORONA VIRUS SYNDROME – The covid 19 virus has wreaked havoc amongst the entire world communities. As we write this more than 4000 people have already succumbed to it world wide with the most hectic damage being done in China, Italy and Iran. The impact on health of people is far reaching. It has

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Air Pollution- A Silent killer running Amok !

Air Pollution is the single largest risk to our health, threatening to assume draconic proportions and raining death all around! New studies reveal that air pollution causes cardiovascular diseases including angina, ischemic heart disease and strokes apart from causing respiratory disorders and obstructive pulmonary diseases. Both indoor and outdoor air pollution are responsible for these

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