Fat reduction has been a topic of intense discussion from time immemorial. People who are overweight, fat or obese have this overwhelming desire to reduce both in terms of fat and weight. Commercial interests have blossomed with the weight reduction industry screaming with infinite solutions and products. Dieticians have increased role to play in it too in the urban world, offering diet charts which generally are hard to follow especially for those who are working or they don’t have an interactive relationship with the kitchen. Advertisements claiming miraculous cures to fat and weight problems are galore. Some claim magic to happen in days. Medical interventions have come into vogue too such as bariatic surgery etc. With all happening the end user is left confused and with an eternal question as to what he/she should do and which form of therapy or diet regimen should be chosen. Patients also have a tendency to focus internally or on the self and be over dependent or should we say over expectant from the medical regimen they have chosen to follow. In this muddle of weight loss, it is essential not to forget the basic rules of tackling the menace. In this write up we have tried to focus on those basics and offer a very simple solution with an eye on its mass appeal which in our opinion is the most important and often ignored.

Weight reduction or fat reduction can happen as a reciprocal relationship needs to be formed with your own body. First of all identification of self habits and reasons for being over weight or fat need to be identified. Family members can be involved in it for identification. This will reduce blurring in identification and self bias too. Life style linked medical issues need smart handling. The best friend is your own self. The self or the inner voice acts as your physician and tells you only the truth because it has no covert interest or intention. After identification single out the top two reasons embedded in your life style. For example they could be random or overeating and lack of physical activity. Some family cultures have this entrenched in their kitchen and dining culture to consume everything that is likeable to the palate. After identification one needs to wrestle with elimination and reduction of impact of the top two reasons of fat accumulation. This simply means treading the path of counter action on the body and reverse the life style gradually towards sanity. You may take your own sweet time to do this. Set yourself tangible goals without putting pressure on the body system to avoid shock of any kind. We are of course assuming here that you have the resolve to act. Substitutions in food, strict diet etc are all professed and prescribed by dieticians. The major drawback in such therapies remains in following them on a day to day basis. Hence the top two reasons theory holds more value and practicality.                           

 We now therefore would like to focus on the crux therapy. It is thus named so as to distinguish it from the rest of all fat and weight reducing therapies not just in terms of nomenclature but mainly due to it’s effectiveness.                     

   The crux – our body consumes and requires various types of nutrients to keep healthy such as iron, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates etc. To alter the diet intake and split it in terms of ingestion of nutrients makes the whole exercise very complicated. Here we also must understand that whereas the quality of food intake is very necessary, it is the quantity of food which is more important in terms of body fat. Piecemeal reduction in food intake may succeed piecemeal with the risk of reverting back to old ways. Remember partial hunger gives birth to more craving than complete and absolute hunger which is a phase that the body goes through. Hence the crux theory focuses on the quantity of food intake and to keep matters simple suggests reduction in the number of meals that the body is habitual to. The number of meals means the quantum of food which is eaten on a daily basis has to be decreased. For example if by weight food consumed in a day equals 5 kg, then it should be targeted to be reduced to 4 kg and then to 3 kg. If counted in number of meals per day then 3 meal intakes could be reduced to two and subsequently to 1.5 meals. The quality and nature of food may not be tampered with since it is both complicated and prone to risk of under nourishment of some salts and minerals and could result in dietary imbalance. The body quickly adapts itself to such decrease in food intake. Precaution should be taken to space out new meal schedules and avoid too large delays in between meals. For example the best meal to skip from breakfast lunch and dinner is lunch. Dinner then should be preponed a bit. Drinking non sweet drinks and increasing protein intake to substitute for carbohydrates especially in the night meals would be more beneficial.     

  Decreasing quantity of food will slowly have a favourable impact on the body and objectives of weight reduction or body volume reduction can be met without the use of complicated approach. Additives are exercises or increase in body activity which can be chosen based on your own time, body, life style and time permissible parameters. For example you could aim at achieving target of 10000 steps per day through walks in the morning and evening. Yoga, aerobics, cycling, jogging, running, swimming, static gym cardios are some of the various calories burning methods you could choose from. If unable to do any activity at all then focus on quantum of food being consumed has to be that much pin pointed.   

 We of course are assuming that all those who attempt to achieve something in life have the capability to do so and each one recognizes the importance of the virtue called patience.         

Declaration-  that any medical condition should be tackled through expert and professional medical opinion only. The above article is suggestive in nature and is designed to highlight alternate and natural therapies available to achieve overall body health.

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