THE CORONA VIRUS SYNDROME – The covid 19 virus has wreaked havoc amongst the entire world communities. As we write this more than 4000 people have already succumbed to it world wide with the most hectic damage being done in China, Italy and Iran. The impact on health of people is far reaching. It has a tendency to consume and affect people with lower immunity especially the very young and old. Those who have strong immunity may not get it themselves but could become potential carriers themselves and that is what is happening. In such a scenario the protocol to be followed is the most extreme one. We need to first of all get away from the natural thought process of “it can’t happen to me,’. Well as we have seen it can happen to anyone anywhere anytime. It is a very scary scenario and one which calls for immediate and complete measures to be taken by us all at a family and individual level.
Personal hygiene factors as being highlighted everywhere need to be adopted as a daily routine protocol. This includes frequent handwashes, face washes, if outside home then use alcohol based sanitizers, avoid outside food as it has had many hands touch it before it has reached you, self isolate yourself as much as possible. If in a gathering avoid close proximity or physical contact. Wear clean and fresh clothing and keep surroundings disinfected. It goes without saying that avoid mass gatherings or crowds. If imperative then use mask. If you are not well you need to wear mask. If you are well then also you need to wear a mask to stay that way. As the epicentre of the pandemic spreads from China westwards towards Europe the situation as being reported from China indicates stabilisation. The effects of quarantine protocols being followed and symptomatic treatments being given to the affected lot seems to be gradually show signs of beating the virus. For those having to go to work, offices and establishments should use their own means of transport, avoid eating in office groups, avoid close facial interaction and keep disinfecting your hands. A conscious effort has to be made to ensure that hands don’t touch the face. If individual protocols are followed then society, communion, group, mass union protocols will automatically take shape. Mental discipline has to come into each one of us to do what is to be done and to change our life styles as the need of the hour suggests. It is not very complicated after all. Human kind has faced much worser episodes of mass impact and while no doubt this is an international emergency as no land patch or country is not affected by it, the resources at the disposal of societies and governments is huge and proactive measures need to be put in place where the spread is just begun. Countries need to copy the Chinese containment model and not be taken unawares such as in the Italian case. We in India as it is are susceptible to deep impact of the virus as the infrastructure might just not be able to bear the load as in India numbers are always huge due to the population density and size. However all stakeholders seem to be well abreast of the situation till now.
If we don’t know how to treat the virus then atleast we make full use of what we know. So let’s all get together and beat the virus. We have to else….. Oh well there is no else here. It has to be played like a zero error game.

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