Corona – fighting it is the only wayout

There is a need to look at some statistics which point out to certain measures that can be taken to curtail the spread of the corona virus. We have
There are currently 169,719 confirmed cases and 6,518 deaths from the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak as of March 16, 2020. The analysis given below is compiled upto march 16th.

China has reported 80886 cases to date and 3213 deaths, total recovered cases 67,758. Germany has reported 5813 cases and 13 deaths. South Korea has reported 8236 cases and 75 deaths. While Switzerland Has reported 2217 cases and 14 deaths, the UK has figures of 1391cases and 35 deaths and Norway 1256 cases and 3 deaths.
Weekly case trends indicate a very strong rise in cases in week 3 and week 4.

wk 1 – 4
wk 2 – 105
wk 3 – 3713
total deaths-69

wk 1 – 12
wk 2 – 191
wk 3 – 653
wk 4 – 5423
total deaths- 127

wk 1 – 2
wk 2 – 43
wk 3 – 245
wk 4 – 4747
wk 5 – 13938
total deaths-727

wk 1 – 3
wk 2 – 152
wk 3 – 1036
wk 4 – 6362
wk 5 – 24747
total deaths – 1809

wk 1 – 8
wk 3 – 674
wk 4 – 6043
total deaths- 292


Week 1 – 3
Week 2 – 24
Week 3 – 105
total deaths-02

The reason for a sharp rise in cases after 15 days of inception or first case could be manifold. Such as the late reaction of governments to respond proactively to the corona scare and societies all across countries not being fast enough in terms of isolation and quarantine, individuals being not alert and responsive enough. We can safely state that although social media is erupt with virus news across all platforms much of which is misleading, by and large television, radio and the internet have facilitated an across the spectrum communication about the virus and dos and donts which has been fast and quick to reach every home and ear. In a nutshell social gatherings in markets, malls, public transports, offices, camps etc has to be brought to a halt and self isolation be the way forward for the prescribed period of 14 days in affected cases and indefinitely for those trying to prevent acquisition of the virus. Handwashing and masking become all the more necessary.

The Indian scenario

As per the weekly trends, next two weeks are crucial for India. Its Game on. If we take adequate precaution and break the chain then we can tide the Corona virus outbreak else we are facing a catastrophe of sorts due to the sheer numbers and casual systems that India has. Especially for the elderly population vigilation needs to be top bracket.
India has done well so far in its fight to contain Corona Virus. Now we are in stage 3 in which Virus spreads through social contacts & in social gatherings. This is the most critical stage wherein number of confirmed cases spread exponentially day to day. As in Italy it jumped from 300 to 10,000. If India is not able to manage this stage for next 3 to 4 weeks then we could have confirmed cases not in Thousands but in Lakhs. This is why march last week and first two weeks of April are extremely crucial. The authorities have done well by shutting most events & public gatherings till 15th April. Section 144 is also being imposed selectively and thoughtfully. Pre emptive camps are being setup such as the border security force camp in Delhi which can house 4000 inmates as one of the many. There seems to be close co ordination between governments and intra departments to mobilise all resources at hand. However the actual answer lies with all of us as individuals and as responsible family members, citizens and constituents of the Indian society. We need to act with discipline and recognise the enormity of the situation.

For example, just because schools are closed avoid getting that compulsive travel & Holiday bug. Holidays will come next year too ! Marriage functions, Birthday parties etc can wait. Next 30 days will be most crucial in medical History of India. Take all precautions while at home & while outside for any important work. Precaution should not be coupled with panic. It is a chosen path most prudent opinions will suggest.
Responsibility means getting prompt check up done in case of any symptom reflecting. Helping others around in the circle of friends, neighbours, colleagues with inputs and experience sharing. Bringing sensitivity amongst circle of influence.

Work from home could be associated with doing things in the house which were only a yearning too. Its time to be telling bedtime stories to kids. Little do we know that we ourselves are part of a bed time story to be told in future !

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